Forget time limits and boundaries

and resisting temptation.

I’d rather spend life traveling

indefinable dimensions.

Timeless encounters and freefalling to bliss;

like snow dusting a mid winter’s kiss.

Serenity found in a glazed over glance,

tips of your lips and an arrhythmic dance.

A simple touch, melting willpower away.

Ear nibbles, gentle bites; a delicate taste.


Bed of you

Sun awakens me to messy hair and disheveled sheets.

When the lights went out it was all pristine.

Looks like the darkness of the dark reigned supreme.

While I thought it was all a dream.

The blissful smile beneath your beard,

the first thing I see,

confirms the fact in all actuality, that did happen.

Unadulterated and free...

A forehead kiss to close my eyes

and get a few more minutes of sleep

to soak in all the intimacy 



Unconscious leg wraps

and unhidden smiles.

Stolen kisses during twilight.

All taken in the space between sleep and awake.

You wonder if I missed you?

Ask the trails of finger prints

and faint lip marks left on your head and your neck.


Christina Latrice